Bjóðum upp á öruggar kortagreiðslur í gegnum Valitor ásamt Netgíró með möguleika á greiðsludreifingu


Bíltegund: Ford Citroen Hyundai Opel Peugeot Toyota Svartir Bílar

Here we go;

Dry Aid: A spray – drying – technique with a Detail – Spray to be used after rinsing the car and before drying to reduce friction from the drying – towel and improve shine while drying.

Fillers: Ingredients in Glaze – kind of products which can mask swirls and micro – scratches.

Foam Gun / Foam Lance: A composition of a reservoir and a spray – nozzle which is used as a pre – wash and soak off the largest particles and dirt.

Wash Mitt: A mitt (often made from microfiber) to be used for carwashing by hand.

Glaze: An oil – based product which delivers extra shine to (dark – colored) paint.

Grit Guard: A product to be used on the bottom of the bucket which keeps washed – off contamination separate from your washing solution.

Haze: A haze which arises after the curing of a wax or sealant.

Hologrammes: Micro – scratches caused by improper washing or after use of a powerful compound which are visible under a strong light.

Lubrication: A technique to reduce the friction between the paint and pad (with polisher) to avoid micro – scratches.

2 – Bucket – Method: A safe technique for washing. 1 Bucket for shampoo and 1 Bucket for rinsing.

Marring: Light clearcoat damage which arises sometimes while claying with a medium or heavy claybar.

Microfiber: An accessory (often towel – shaped) to wipe – off product – residu.

Neutral: A product – ability which doesn’t affect your layer of wax, sealant or coating.

HPW: High Pressure Washer

Orbital: A polisher which makes orbital movements to imitate the natural movement of your hand. These polishers create less heat and therefore bring less risks then rotary – polishers.

Pad: An accessory in foam or microfiber to apply various products.

Orange Peel: the “grainy” effect of a (water – based) painted surface.

Polisher: a power – tool with a rotary or orbital “drive” to polish the paint.

Polish: An abrasive product with a chemical element to polish a surface.

PTG: Paint Thickness Gauge, measurement tool to determine the paint – thickness (some types in multiple layers).

Rotary: A polishing – machine based on a circular movement.

Sealant: A synthetic “wax” kind – of – product based on polymers (PTFE / Teflon) for durable protection.

Shampoo: A product meant to wash the vehicle and remove oxidation and grime.

Sheeting: The discharge – time of water on a body – panel which is important for a good protection.

Waterspots: marks caused by drying of shampoo (wash – solution) on the surface, in general caused by improper washing – techniques.

Swirls: Micro – scratches in a circular or V – shape.

Clear – Coat: A transparent and durable layer paint to protect against UV, heat and solvents.

Waffle – Weave: Microfiber with a dimpled surface to dry the surface with minimal contact.

Water Blade: An accessory for a quick drying – job on flat and clean surfaces.

Wet Sanding: Technique to sand paint with highly abrasive products. This technique is useful in case of large scratches or when refinishing paints.