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Chemical Guys 6,5" Black Optics Microfiber ORANGE Cutting Pad

ISK 3.750

Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad

The Black Optics Microfiber Orange Cutting Pad is designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from any color paintwork. The Orange Cutting Pad functions best with polishing compounds and cutting polishes to achieve a perfect finish on paintwork with years of neglect.

Part NumberBUFX_304_6
Size6,5" Inches
Cutting PadYes
Polishing PadNo
Hook and Loop BackingYes
Works with Rotary PolisherYes
Works with Dual-Action (DA) PolisherYes
Intended UsersProfessionals, Enthusiasts and Beginners
MaterialsEuro-Tech foam, microfiber