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Chemical Guys Ecosmart Waterless Detailing Þykkni

ISK 5.460

Þvottur, wax og vörn í einu efni.

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EcoSmart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I scratch my vehicle without using water?

EcoSmart is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from the surface without harming or scratching the painted surface. Advanced hyper surfactants allow the dirt to be surrounded and pulled from the surface while gentle lubricating agents allow the towel to glide effortlessly on the surface ensuring a perfect finish with a superior shine.

Is EcoSmart only for painted surfaces?

EcoSmart is a complete detailing system that works on any area of a vehicle including glass, wheels, plastics, engine bays, undercarriage, and even metal surfaces. EcoSmart is able to remove dirt and contamination from even the most sensitive areas.

Does EcoSmart remove dirt and mud?

Yes, EcoSmart will work on vehicles with light dirt contamination as well as mud and soil. EcoSmart is engineered utilizing advanced hyper-surfactants that surround and capture even the heaviest dirt and contamination allowing them to be removed from the surface quickly and safely. EcoSmart pulls and removes dirt off any vehicle leaving a brilliant shine with long lasting protection.

Will EcoSmart work on black colored vehicles?

Yes! EcoSmart works great on black and dark colored vehicles. Black colored vehicles show more swirls and damage than any other color. Using EcoSmart ensures that your black colored vehicle looks as dark and rich as physically possible. Hyper efficient lubricating agents and gloss enhancers make sure that your vehicle stays swirl-free and looking great!

Part NumberWAC_707
Size1 Gallon / 3,78L
TopBlack cap with sprayer
ScentGreen Apple
DilutionEcoSmart – RU -> No
EcoSmart Concentrated -> Yes
Gloss EnhancingYes
Easy to Use Yes
WaxYes, Carnauba
Safe for clear coatYes
Safe for light color carsYes
Safe for dark color carsYes

How To Use:
1. Spray product directly on surface using sprayer, atomizer or EcoPod
2. For particularly dirty areas, allow EcoSmart to penetrate and emulsify dirt
3. Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe dirt away in one direction or "S" motion to ensure a scratch-free wash
4. Buff area with a clean microfiber towel to a sparkling shine