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Chemical Guys Pad Washer

ISK 34.900

Sérstök grit guard þvotta kerfi sem hentar til að þrífa allar gerðir mössunarpúða.

Pad Washer Cleaning Tips:
- Keep the pad’s hook-n-loop or Velcro® brand backing out of the water when using the
Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer.
-When using a dual action polisher, make a mark on the backing plate with a permanent marker.
This mark will indicate to you when the pad has made a full rotation. If it is not rotating,
lighten up your pressure.
- Fill with the appropriate level of water. Press down on the grid insert until the springs are fully
compressed. Fill until the water level reaches just above the Insert. When you press down
on the grid insert with the polisher, the springs will pump water upwards to the pad.
-Always operate the pad washer with the Splash Guard closed.
- For heavily soiled pads, spin the pad in the pad washer for 10 seconds to thoroughly wet it.
Then spray on the Chemical Guys Pad Cleaner Pad Renewing Solution and let it penetrate for
1 minute. Then use the pad washer again to clean the pad.
- Always use the Dual Action Pad Washer with the polisher on its lowest setting for cleaning.
You can use a slightly higher setting for drying.
- Move the polisher around inside the pad washer to be sure all parts of the pad are cleaned.

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Alternative SKUN/A
ManufacturerChemical Guys