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Gerbil ullar felgurburstar 3 í setti extended reach

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extended reach - nærð vel inná milli

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Premium Real Wool Fibers
Extended Reach Wheel Gerbils are made with real wool making them some of the softest and most surface-friendly brushes. Millions of fibers gently remove contaminants away from the surface. The wool fibers of the Gerbil Brushes are long lasting and durable with the ability to maintain flexibility and strength over the course of many details. Extended Reach Wheels Gerbils are easy to clean and built to last. The wool of the Gerbil Brushes resists wrinkles, and will rebound like a spring after being nestled between the tight crevices of closely placed spokes. Even after being jammed into the most claustrophobic of wheel components.

How to use it
1. Rinse away loose contamination and spray the face and barrel down with your favorite Chemical Guys wheel cleaner.
2. Use the soft brush to easily scrub filth from deep inside wheel barrels, around cracks, and through crevices.
3. Insert between spokes to clean all areas of your wheels.
4. Once contamination is suspended in the cleaner, simply rinse it away with water.

Part NumberACC602
Applicable LocationsWheels
MaterialReal Wool
Weight0.7 lbs

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ManufacturerChemical Guys