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SOFT99 Glaco Massi fyrir Glaco Rúðuvörn

ISK 2.100

Sérstakur massi til að hreinsu og undirbúa rúður fyrir Glaco Rúðuvörn.


By combining the abrasive power of small, hard particles and big soft particles, the Glaco Glass Compound Roll On is able to effortlessly remove even the toughest oily stains or remains of other coatings. A product best used for perfect preparation of the windshield before the application of hydrophobic coatings from the Glaco series as well as others!

1. Shake the can well.
2. If the inner glass is dusted or dirty wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.
3. Spray the product directly onto the glass, or onto a towel or paper, until the bubbles have disappeared, and spread evenly.